Al Amarja

by Al Amarja



Al Amarja is the working name for my compositions for Smiling Lune, a theatrical tribal fusion dance troupe from Minneapolis, led by Kalila Indivar. Smiling Lune has produced several full-length shows for the Minnesota Fringe Festival. This album features music from three of them.

The name Al Amarja comes from Over the Edge, a roleplaying game written by Jonathan Tweet and published by Atlas Games. Al Amarja is the setting of the game, an imaginary island in the Mediterranean, a crossroads of cultures, conspiracies, alien technologies, and magic. I have tried to stay true to the spirit of Al Amarja with my music here.


released July 11, 2016

All composition, performances, mixing, and mastering by Dave Stagner at Extraterrestrial Highway, unless otherwise noted.

Elizabeth Greenberg composed and performed the "Acceptance" violin part on Surviving to the guitar chords I had composed. Surviving was an incredibly difficult composition emotionally, and could not have finished without her support and extraordinary musicality.

Hanakia Zedek wrote and performed the incredible poem for Monster Within. Given only the sketchiest of guidelines from me, he delivered depth beyond my wildest dreams. All instrumental parts were written in response to his poem.

And last but not least, I want to credit Kalila Indivar, who commissioned and inspired every piece you hear on this album. Without her, this music would not exist.




Dave Stagner Minneapolis, Minnesota

I am a guitarist, songwriter, recording engineer, and musical polymath based in Minneapolis.

I have played in countless bands over the years, most notably the Feng Shui Ninjas, Beth Kinderman & the Player Characters, and Al Amarja.

All recordings produced at Extraterrestrial Highway, my home studio. I love living in the future!
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Track Name: Monster Within
I reek of Crimson Blood
For I have killed myself time and time again
And I can not get enough
I can not get deep enough
To the core...where I am no more
To explore what I truly am
So I destroy the man
Time and time again
To find the monster within
I can feel it rising
Out of The Darkness
Like a Black Lotus

Where have I been?
So I keep stripping....away
To find the way out
From inside out
Help me
Kill me if you see me
Because I want to create me
By brush, by stone, by sand and clay
And if I be in the way, it is me, that I’ll slay

This Monster this Demon within
Is winning a winning battle
I will stratal myself whole
And be done with me
Can’t you see my sheer creativity rising
I am the other god before me
I’ve stared into the abyss and have become
This abysmal brilliance and depth
So it is my death
That I had to bestow upon it
If you see me
Free me

This is my perfection
The erection of this
You may not like it
For it is Monstrous
But it is the only tonic
That cures me
Aged to perfection
Now is the time
For me to rise
From within
To long the waiting
To long the staying still
And I will kill
Everything.....anything in my way

I am a Monster because of my Power
I am a Demon because i am prepared to devour
You you become whole
So come to me
Let me drain you
Of the illusion of you
Let me become your fear
So that I may tear it from you
This will not kill....this Frankenstein
No tools to cause this vampire to expire
No doom to stop this Lycan from howling at the moon
So I come for you soon....enough
Of you BS and Stuff

The bell tolls for thee
And all that you believe to be true
I will tear it from you
And this hour
You will learn that on the other side of fear is Power
I come for thee
Give you life freely to me
And I will cast you free from that cage
And in this rage
You will see in a shimmer
That I am You in the mirror
Shatter the glass
So that you may pass
Through the Looking Glass
Down The Rabbit Hole
To Become Whole

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